I draw stuff

You may call me Janet Figueroa, MadJesters1, or MadJ.

I am an artist.

Here you will see many compilations of my work. From sketches, comics, designs, animation, paintings and whatever else I can come up with.


Part 2 coming soon…? Don’t know yet…

This was fun. I need to draw more fight scenes. 


Happy birthday to us. Yay. :]

Happy birthday to us. Yay. :]

Because of a certain person, I’ve been having the need to draw some more longer comics on TF2Avatar. So I’ve started on two, both are different stories.

Not sure which one I’ll finish first but I’m excited. Lets see what happens. 

I’ve been drawing more Young Pyro. I might start a small story about it. :)

Been drawing this character a lot since I’ve finished finals.  

Drawings. Some old and new. Wow…

Sisters ready for the summer. Yay. 

Olivia and her father Gray. Aw. 

Old drawings.

I guess this counts as a sketch dump? Sure why not. :)